Perth Beijing Chinese School Online (PBCS online)

PBCS real-time virtual classroom access link:

Haidian Room:

Chaoyang Room:

Dongcheng Room:

You can click your classroom link now and download the Zoom App to your computer/phone/ipad and test microphone and speaker is working from your side.
Once the above is done you can just use the link to access the room at the class time. We will see you there!

General rule for attending PBS real time virtual class:
*Mute your micro phone at all time unless the teacher ask you to speak/practice or you have important questions to ask.
This will help the teachers to organise the class both offline and online, and everyone can maximum benefit.

**Class recording is not allowed.

Audios and class resources links:

HSK1 – Beginner level

HSK2 – Pre-intermediate level

HSK3 – Intermediate level

HSK4 – Advanced intermediate level

HSK5 – Advanced level

PBCS online timetables:

Basic Mandarin Program  (adult class)

For more information about the Basic Mandarin Program class time Click here

EarlyBird VIP Chinese Program (Family & children class)

For more information about the EarlyBird Program class time Click here